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FWOGC - Providing Skill Building, Community Integrated Employment, and Supported Self-Employment.



Freedom Work Opportunities of Genesee County, Inc.  is a not for profit 501(c) 3 corporation founded in July 1994 also doing business under the assumed name of FWOGC.

The corporation’s humble beginnings started with skill building and transportation services being provided to 10 individual’s on September 12, 1994.


Since that humble beginning in 1994 our corporation has grown and evolved into a training program that focuses on supportive and self-employment training opportunities.


Our Mission Statement; To maximize the potential of disabled individuals in achieving

Independence and Community Integration, by being Genesee County’s leading provider of Skill Building, Supportive & Self –Employment Opportunities.


The Board of Directors insures that FWOGC will continue to work towards providing quality services for everyone in an environment that promotes self-determination, self-empowerment, skill enhancement, and opportunities in a variety of situations based on individual preferences.


Leadership comes from ones commitment to live by the values in which they believe that are grounded with a strong ethical commitment to do the right thing. FWOGC strongly believes in the philosophy that leadership is a trait that can only be exhibited by a person’s actions and deeds. It is from within that philosophy and value based system that FWOGC intends to operate.


These values are strongly grounded in our belief that FWOGC must maintain a broad spectrum of options for our customers to choose from; that these services must be of the highest quality and supported by well trained, motivated people; that all individuals receiving services and employees must be allowed to make personal choices, and to have those choices supported if they are within our resource capabilities.


It is the policy of FWOGC to recognize that each person's cultural differences must be recognized and respected and to allow each individual the right to have their cultural differences acknowledged and respected. These rights are not limited to the staff, and caregivers but are to include all individuals regardless of the sponsoring agency. Our administration and personnel are sensitive to maintaining a staff that is representative of the racial, ethnic, and economic diversity of our individuals in our programs. 

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